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New Andrew Young School Scholarship Promotes Undergraduate Economic Research – Georgia State University News

ATLANTA—Seojin “Sam” Kim (BA) in economics from Georgia State University was awarded the first Zeinah Danielle Aouani Fellowship earlier this year. This new award aims to promote undergraduate research in economics.

The scholarship provides financial support to outstanding undergraduate students majoring in economics who have a minimum GPA of 3.2 and are enrolled in a research course. It was created by Zaier Aouani and economist Seunghae Grace Eau, associate clinical professor at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, in memory of their beloved daughter.

Kim helped Eau analyze the data and developed an algorithm to study how students use online learning platforms for a Gates Foundation-funded adaptive learning platform project.

“Dr. Eau is studying how we can help students perform at their best,” Kim said. “Our first step was to study what students thought they knew versus what they actually knew. , the so-called ‘metacognitive ability’ of students.”

At the beginning of May, they were cleaning the data for the last stages of the project. Presentations and an article will follow.

“During this project, I became very familiar with software used in economic research, such as STATA and Python,” Kim said. “These are things you can’t learn without practical experience. I was very happy that Dr. Eau gave me access to these tools.

Kim admitted that he had no plans to major in economics until he took a course with Water. “She was a major influence on me in my major.” Now, when he looks ahead five to ten years, he thinks he will be working on a doctorate. in economy.

“I am very happy with this award and thrilled to have the first student to whom this scholarship helps show the courage to pursue their studies,” said Eau.

She also acknowledged and thanked Andrew Young School faculty members Jon Smith and Lorenzo Almada for serving on the scholarship review committee.